Is your computer making strange noises or abnormal sounds? Is dust collecting  on the external fan or other areas? Is your machine running hot or shutting itself off for no reason? Have you gone more than three months without cleaning your PC? If you have answered yes to any of these questions it may be time to clean your machine.

Dust inside your computer can cause many problems that lead to failure of many components inside your system.Slow performance, leaking capacitors, CPU failure, and hard drive crashes.. Make sure your computer running soundly and safely by cleaning the inside. Why wait until you have a system that is causing you grief. Clean your computer every two to three months.

There is more to cleaning a computer, laptop or gaming system than just removing viruses, spyware, malware and other unwanted programs. You need to clean the inside with Compressed air that is approved for electronics.


Most computer stores carry this and it ranges in price from 8 to 20 dollars. Use short spurts of air from the can while cleaning a computer and find a well ventilated place to blow out the dust. Outside is the best choice of course but when it is cold out you can use a well ventilated place. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner inside your computer due to the fact that it can cause electrostatic discharge and damage your system.

A computer breathes sort of speak. The air flow is very important, just as it is for us to breathe. Make sure path was inside of your system are clear for air flow. Remove any dust or debris and make sure all wire are tied up out of the path of air flow.

Keep in mind air flows in from the front and out the back, so them pathways should always be clear. Never place your computer tight against the wall or place things in front of it. If using a laptop make sure you have a solid surface to place it on, not on your bed or coach if the fan is on the bottom. Remember never block the path of air flow. If you hear any strange sounds always check your system, if you are unsure why your computer is acting up then take it to a professional.



How important is it to clean your computer?

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- Kevin has been a Computer Service Technician for over 30 years. He has seen many changes in the industry and encountered many problems to find answers for along the way. Kevin was also involved in teaching Computer Service and Support, Along with Network support and Electronics for CDI College of Business & Technology.

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